Helping you frame policies, procedures, and standards that ensures its suppliers and vendors meet specific regulatory, contractual, and operational requirements. The goal of vendor compliance is to ensure that products or services provided by suppliers meet the quality, safety, and legal standards set by the purchasing company

Vendor compliance

Who Needs Vendor Compliance?

Vendor compliance is crucial for a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace, technology, pharmaceutical, energy, government, financial services, construction, and more.

Why should business adhere to vendor policies

Business should adhere to vendor compliance to ensures that services sourced from vendors meet specific regulatory, and contractual standards.

Vendor compliance activities encompass supplier audits, documentation review, regulatory and contractual compliance checks, communication with vendors, continuous improvement initiatives, and risk management.

Compliance is vital for maintaining product integrity, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements, minimizing risks, and safeguarding an organization’s reputation, regardless of the industry in which it operates.

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What we do

Our Vendor Compliance Service involves comprehensive evaluation and management of vendor activities.
Here’s what we offer:

Amendment of Registration Certificates:

We handle the necessary amendments to contractor Registration Certificates to maintain up-to-date compliance records.

Managing EPF/ESI Compliance

We ensure that contractors are in compliance with Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) regulations, safeguarding the welfare of contract laborers and relieving you of any liability.

Liaising with Authorities for Inspections:

We act as an intermediary in coordinating with relevant authorities during inspections and addressing any notices received.

Compliance with CLRA Act

Our services guarantee that compliance with the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act (CLRA) is maintained in factories, establishments, and project sites.

Record Maintenance Under Various Legislations:

We manage the maintenance of records, registers, forms, and notices as required by various legislations.

Compliance Under BOCW and ISMA Acts:

We extend our compliance services to cover the Building and Other Construction Workers (BOCW) Act and the Interstate Migrant Workmen Act (ISMA)

Accident-Related Compliance:

We address accident-related compliance requirements for contract workers, safeguarding their rights of all parties concerned.

By entrusting us with your Vendor Compliance needs, you can focus on your core business activities while we ensure that your vendor partnerships are reliable, compliant, and conducive to long-term success. Let us handle the complexities of vendor management, allowing you to build strong, trustworthy business relationships.